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The OU Daf Initiative Pesach Primer

Spiritually prepare yourself for Pesach like never before with a curated selection of articles, audio, and video from a wide range of Jewish scholars. Content includes Halacha, Hashkafa, relevant Shas Bavli content, and Jewish history. 

Interview with R' Moshe Elefant, COO of OU Kosher

Interview with Mr. Shlomo Schwartz, CFO of OU Kosher


Haftorah of the Day

Learn the Haftorahs of this Pesach season and gain insight into how they relate to their corresponding Parshah.

Rabbi Yaakov Trump

Haftorah: Pesach II

Rabbi Yaakov Trump

Haftorah: Pesach I

Historic Haggados

A three-part look at some of history's most fascinating Haggados.

By Dr. Henry Abramson

Add a new dimension to your Pesach experience by exploring lesser-known topics. 

The Bizarre Red Haggadah

Interesting Ideas

Daily content with practical Halachos for Pesach, as well as great ideas on the Hagaddah.

Halachah Q & A

Halachic answers to everyday questions, including fascinating insights on questions you’ve never even thought of!


I don’t sell chametz gamor. May I include white (or distilled, or grain) vinegar in the sale, as well as condiments that contain vinegar, such as ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise?

Personal Redemption From Egypt

Why the Order of Pesach, Matza, and Marror?

Pesach and Ponderings

Prepare for the upcoming Chag with daily insights into the Haggadah and  other relevant topics.

Click here more of Rabbi Schwed's insightful shiurim.



I have heard people say they “don’t sell chametz gamor”. Why not?


Bringing you some of the Daffim on Meseches Pesachim that are directly related to Pesach or Pesach preparations

Daf in Review

Have an interest in learning some Pesach related Gemara? Listen below to shiurim on dafim in Maseches Pesachim directly related to Pesach and its preparations.

Sugya Summary

Listen to an in-depth shiur on the sugyya, or watch a summary on the same topic.

Pesachim: Daf 2

Rabbi Shalom Rosner

Pesachim: Daf 3

Rabbi Shalom Rosner

Click here for more on Pesachim from Rabbi Elefant.

Click here  for more on Pesachim from Rabbi Rosner.

Bedikas Chametz

Rabbi Moshe Elefant

Ten Pieces of Bread

What To Do If You Find Chametz On Pesach

Chametz on Pesach

Rabbi Moshe Elefant

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